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The Fox Den Cabin

Our meticulously designed and crafted cabins are the perfect solution for your accommodation needs – whether you are looking for the extra income of an Air B’n’B or glamping space, or simply need a sleepout, office space, or studio.  At Fox Cabins we believe in creating warm, dry, stylish, and durable living spaces that will withstand the test of time, so every cabin is built to the New Zealand Building Code, to the same standard that you would build your own house. 

Our cabins are made here in the Waikato, using materials that have been tried and tested in New Zealand’s harsh local conditions. That means using treated timber framing (full-width 90mm walls, 140mm ceilings, and 200mm floor bearers), vertical Coloursteel cladding, custom ordered double-glazed windows and doors, and a combination of Pink Batts and Expol insulation. We take pride in the fact that all our cabins are insulated above the new Residential Tenancies Act standards, including the South Island and Alpine zone.   

Each cabin comes fully lined and finished inside, including flooring, recessed LED lighting, and both a caravan connection and direct wiring conduit for easy electrical connection once on site. 

Our cabins are fully customizable, from colours to window and door sizes, types and locations, flooring types, skylights, decks, addition of Heat Pumps and ventilation systems. We can add kitchenettes and bathrooms to all our models. Call or email us for details!

Purchase Options

Buy - $14,375 ($12,500+GST)

'Rent to Own'/Finance - available for qualified customers from $79 per week .

Prices are ex yard in Hamilton, delivery can be arranged at $3 per KM.


Size - 10m2, no council consent required*. 4.2m x 2.4m, (2.3m-2.4m internal height)

Construction: Full 90x45 and 140x95 H1.2 framing, H3.2 subfloor, H4 200x100 bearers, fully lined with moisture barrier;

Joinery: Brand new, double-glazed, made by NZ Windows – in colour of your choice;

Roofing: Coloursteel, 27mm trapezoid profile – in colour of your choice

Cladding: Coloursteel, 17mm corrugate profile vertically fixed – in colour of your choice;

Gutters: Colour-matched Marley Stormcloud guttering system, featuring over-sized 80mm downspout;

Exterior fixings: Stainless steel or galvanized;

Flooring – Hanwood 8mm Laminate floor with additional vapour barrier underlay  

Joinery – All new, double glazed. Two 800H x 600W opening windows at each end. 2000H x 1800W Ranch Slider with opening window. supplied by NZ Windows. Iron Sand colour

Insulation – Floor – R1.4 (Expol), Walls – R2.2 (Pink Batts), Ceilings – R3.6 (Pink Batts Ultra)

All insulated above NZ Building Code and the new Residential Tenancies Act standards, including the South Island and Alpine zone.

Smoke Alarm – 10 year, Photoelectric. Meets the requirements for the Residential Tenancies Act for rental properties

Electrical – Two double outlets, two LED recessed downlights inside and two stainless steel bezel LED downlights in the exterior soffit. RCD protected, ‘caravan connection’ plug and also 25mm conduit installed up through wall into the fuse box for easy permanent wiring. All installed by licenced electrician and Certificate of Compliance supplied.

Guttering - Marley Stormcloud guttering system, over-sized 80mm downspout, all colour matched to cladding, roof and joinery.

If your Fox Den Cabin will be located in a sea spray zone we recommend upgrading to Coloursteel ‘MAXX’ roofing and cladding.  

* Building consent required for bathroom and kitchenette models, or if placing a building closer than its height to a boundary or dwelling. We can help you with council paperwork and compliance.  

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